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Willy Wonka stuffs   
03:50pm 04/06/2008
  Okay so I have been working on Peter's Willy Wonka costume for a little while now and I am about half way finished with the vest. I still have to attach the back piece, but that's just a single piece of satin-y fabric so that won't take too long to attach. I also have to find some buttons for the front. I'm pretty sure that I'll be finished within a couple hours!!!  
The Perks of Working in Retail   
11:06am 19/05/2008
mood: amused
Sometimes I wonder how people can stand being the way they are... Yesterday I worked at Lang from 10:30am until close, which is five in the afternoon. Our last customer purchased her items and left the store at 4:57pm and our boss says that we may close the doors early provided that there are no more customers in the store. I decided to put the few carts away that were parked near the cash register and then lock the door, just incase any little children were going to be making last minute Webkinz runs to the store. I park the carts and make my way to the entrance of the store and ask my coworker what time it is 4:59pm. Okay time to close. I turn off the sensors on the doors and close and lock them. As I turn to go back into the store in order to transfer the money in the register into a drawer to be counted, there is a sharp pounding against the glass and I turn to see this woman with a scowl set on her face. "It's not five yet!!" she shouts at me. Okay... I call over to the manager to say something and the woman pounds on the door again giving me an obscene hand gesture and then walks away, shaking her head.

Okay, it is now 5:05pm and my coworkers and I are finishing our day by printing out the sales report from the register and taking out the garbage from under the registers. A mother and her daughter walk up to the store expecting to be able to enter, imagine their surprise when they cannot even make it through the outside doors! Our hours are clearly posted on the door, but these two customers merely glance at the sign and proceed to stare at us through the windows... hmmm. Are we going to let them in? No! We can't ring up any sales because the daily report has already been run. We finish cleaning up our area and head to the back a couple minutes later, mind you the mother and daughter team are still staring at us from outside. Ten minutes later after faxing the daily report to the accountant and punching out, we leave the back and head up front to see that the two are still standing outside watching for us!

I love my job.
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09:37pm 17/05/2008
  I put together a summer reading list for myself yesterday. I really want to get through all of these books by the end of the summer, but I'm not sure if I will quite make it because I'm taking three summer classes so that I may hopefully graduate in August.

Anyway, here is my list:

1. The Perks of Being a Wallflower
2. A Clockwork Orange
3. The Devil in the White City
4. Battle Royale
5. World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War
6. And the Sea Will Tell
7. Helter Skelter
8. The Family
9. ABC Murders
10. Slaughterhouse-Five
11. Garden of Eden
12. Animal Farm
13. Fight Club
14. Moby Dick
15. I am Legend
16. Cat Among the Pigeons
17. 1984
18. The Long Walk
19. The Chocolate War
20. On the Road
21. 30 Days of Night
22. Brave New World
23. Catch-22
24. The Mist
25. The Da Vinci Code

I had originally made a list with 50 books that I had intended to read this summer, but my friend insisted that it was too ambitious with the three classes that I am taking. I have since narrowed the list down to 25 books.

I started and finished The Perks of Being a Wallflower yesterday and have started both A Clockwork Orange and The Devil in the White City today. I will be very happy if I am able to finish at least half of this list by the end of August and I'm looking forward to the books that I have picked up from the library to read.

My friend wants me to read the Twilight series, but I have not put it at the top of my reading priorities list. I will get to it eventually for her sake.

Anyone have any suggestions for my list? Would you add or take away anything? Or could you recommend something that you really enjoyed reading? Let me know!
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Over a year later.   
10:03pm 19/04/2008
  I can't believe that I have waited so long to post anything. I guess I was kind of trying to hide a lot of what was going on in my life from everyone, including myself. But here I am back to the LJ world, hopefully to stay. A lot has gone on in my life since December 2006 and I like to think that it has all changed me for the better. I am so much happier now than I was over a year ago and I actually have a plan set for myself.

Some things that have happened lately that have made me happy:

1.) Peter and I have officially been together for two years and we are so happy together
2.) I am still playing the part of Columbia in RHPS
3.) I am playing a doo-wop girl in the Warped Casts' production of Little shop.
4.) I found out that I am 9 credits away from graduating from UWM with my bachelors in anthropology
5.) I found out that the lumps in my neck are not nodules but are really just an enlarged thyroid gland, and I may not have to have surgery, I still have to meet with a surgeon to find out
6.) I made new friends at work and I now have girlfriends that I hang out with on a weekly basis
7.) I played Dr. Frank n Furter for the second time and had a blast
8.) I saw the Kids in the Hall live a couple weeks ago!!!!!!
9.) I finally got to go on a family vacation to Florida
10.) I planned a vacation to Las Vegas with two friends, we're going in May

It looks like things are really going my way and I like it. After I graduate from UWM I plan on going to WCTC for a dental hygienist certificate which should take about a year to complete. I'm looking forward to the next year or so, especially going to WCTC.

This entry is very boring, isn't it? Let's just end it here, for now.
10:19pm 02/12/2006
mood: geeky
Yay snow! I woke up yesterday and saw all the snow that fell and that was still falling and at first I was all happy and danced around, but then I realized that the place where I was parked outside Peter's house is a winter tow away zone and I had to move my car. The only problem was that Peter and Clint don't own a shovel. Peter and I walked to Walgreen's from his house to find that their shovels were sold out so we walked back to his place and asked the neighbor if we could borrow his. (Oh! And the neighbor guy has a really cute doggy named Charlie and the doggy sat on my foot when I started to pet him.) The neighbor guy said yeah but then we found a shovel and went on our merry way to dig out my car. I found out that we are digging machines and we were able to get my car out without any trouble. Later, we watched some MST3K and decided to go out for some nummies. George Webbs. Grilled cheese. (And Peter had a BLT... bacon=gross [in my opinion]).

After Webbs, Peter and I went to see Mike Nelson from Mystery Science Theater and it was so much fun! His talk was really funny and we even got autographs and pictures with Mike. Awesomeness. I shit you not, it was awesome.

We went to Angie and Greg's (Peter's sister and brother-in-law) wine and cheese party and I felt fancy even though I didn't have any wine.

Came home. Played with deadly paddle-ball. MST3K- Santa defeats the Marians. Sleepy sleep.
07:42pm 25/10/2006
mood: depressed
There is just so much crappy shit going on in my life lately that I really can't stand it. I'm so busy with school this week, I have four exams plus an essay exam that is being assigned tomorrow and will be due next Thursday. On top of all of that I have Rocky this weekend which I am not very happy about... those of you close to me know why.

I am honestly trying to decide exactly how important Rocky is to me right now... as in, should I just quit now and not deal with anymore shit. I'm just tired of dealing with it. I love performing and the majority of the cast but there are just some things that are getting old. I'm sick and tired of being nice but getting treated like shit in return.

All I can say is this isn't fair.
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Leave a message after the beep...   
06:42pm 11/10/2006
  Hey everybody... it's been a while since my last post, hasn't it. I've been pretty busy with school and such. Oh and now I've got hardcore bronchitis and I'm on like four types of medication. I have a puffer! It's because I literally cannot breathe at times. I can see myself using it several times at the show this weekend like when I'm running away from Jared... I'll have to stop half way around the theater and take a puff and then continue running. Maybe I'll bust it out after singing "I'm a muscle man." This is goig to be good.  
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09:45pm 31/08/2006
  Hey Peoples.... This Saturday Peter and I are going to Chicago to see Midnight Madness perform. Anybody want to come with us? Let me know and we can make some plans!  
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08:38pm 05/07/2006
  Pammy... we have so many things to discuss... I currently do not know where my cell phone charger is so I am unable to make any phone calls from my top secret location... I will call you as soon as I find my shit.

That is all.
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08:55am 30/06/2006
mood: beautiful
For the first time in my life... I feel beautiful.

It doesn't matter that I'm sitting here covered in sticky sweat and steel particles or that I have bags under my eyes from days without anywhere near enough sleep.

I feel beautiful, and I love it.
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10:34am 03/05/2006
  I'm really excited for this 80s show; my outfit is so pretty.  
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12:07pm 01/05/2006
  I am sick and tired of trying to keep everyone around me happy. Now, I'm all about making sure that I'm okay. If you're not happy with that go ahead and fuck yourself.

I try to keep my parents happy with me and it slaps me in the face.

I took one step in the right direction, trying to balance my life and feel truly happy for the first time in a long time and I pissed so many people off.

I'm sorry, okay? I really am, but now I just want to move on.
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10:33am 19/04/2006
  I am so fucking happy today. No sarcasm. I'm happy.  
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10:05am 05/04/2006
mood: happy
Okay so I found something for my costume for Saturday and I'm fucking thrilled. I did a little happy dance in the middle of the store.

That is all for now.
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Do Do Do   
06:14pm 23/03/2006
mood: amused
Today was hella awesome. That's right. I went to Chicago with Pam for our photoshoot slash music video. We were so emo it was beautiful. I'm pretty sure that we put the "true" emo boys and girls to shame. I was about ready to cry because acting all depressed like that actually made me depressed. We were about ready to slit our wrists and lie down on the sidewalk together mumbling "My horrid life."

One of my favorite parts of today was, while walking down Division Street I begin to panic crying out "Pam, Pam I think I have a tear!" I did infact have a tear and we took a picture of it to add to our emo collection. Pam said that I officially the emo photo contest. I am so fucking proud of my self.

Other highlights of the day:
- Pam broke down on Division street.
- Sarah was on a bench crying.
- Running through pigeons.
- The sexy guitar dude who will be doing your girl for the encore.
- The "You are beautiful" sticker.
- The dude who was trying to cruise with us down 94W.

More to come.
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04:08pm 15/03/2006
  I had another bad day. I'm not quite sure what it is, but I just can't feel happy lately. I can smile and laugh but I can't do the happy thing. I want to. Spring break starts for me tomorrow... work work work. That's pretty much what my life has become... work, school, homework.
Oh and if I have to see his fucking whore one more fucking time I'm going to puke.
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03:37pm 13/03/2006
mood: depressed
I went to Cousin Ron's wake yesterday. It was one of those bittersweet moments because I realized just how important he was to so many people. Over five hundred people attended the wake. So many people sent flowers: the girls who cut his hair at cost cutters, the people that worked at the bank he went to, Johnsonville, Brett Favre's brother... One of his friends stood up to say a few words about him, and although his speech was brief, everything he said was true, especially the parts about how he could make you feel so special just by talking to you, how wonderful his hugs were, and how he was so proud of the tulips that grew next to his garage every spring. I cried a lot yesterday and I still am today.

Walking up to his casket was one of the saddest moments in my life. Because of how he collided with the semi, Ronnie's face had to be reconstructed and it just wasn't what I expected to see; a lot of people said it should have been a closed casket, it's just so much harder to say goodbye that way. My grandpa asked me if it looked like Cousin Ron and the only thing I could say was "No, because he's not alive."

Cousin Ron's bandmates came to the wake and the lead guitarist broke down in front of the casket, and I broke down with him. His bandmates put his performance microphone in the casket along with guitar picks, strings, and a copy of one of their albums

I could help but smile when I saw that he was going to be buried in his favorite beat-up, old Green Bay Packers hat. Cousin Ron loved the Packers.

One of his close friends got a tattoo of the band logo on his forearm with the words "In memory of Ron Eckstein." I cried when I saw it.

I'm going to miss him so much.


(a link to the band's website)
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09:29pm 08/03/2006
  I jumped in a puddle today... and then fell on my ass. Oh happy days.  
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02:23pm 06/03/2006
mood: worried
So many things are happening lately and I wish everything would slow down so I could breathe. I'm sick of feeling like everything I've ever done is a mistake. I don't know what to do anymore. There are a few people that I wish I could help out more than I am right now; I feel so helpless. I hope you guys know that if you ever need anything my door is always open (you know who you are). That goes for anyone else who reads this. I love you.
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05:07pm 10/02/2006
mood: melancholy
... he told me that I'm beautiful because I cry and because I have passion for life...

Why does it mean so much to me and why am I clinging to those words like they are the only things that will save me?